Kids Sandals

Kids Flip Flops & Kids Slide Sandals

Kids Flip Flops & Kids Slide Sandals

During the summertime, all children need a pair of sandals in their closet. Sandals are perfect for trips to the beach or the community pool. They can also be worn on a daily basis in the summer, whether your child is playing in the backyard or going to a birthday party. If you are in need of a pair of kid's sandals for your son or daughter, check out what we have for sale at Lands' End!

Kids' flip-flops are must-haves when the warm weather hits. A pair of flip-flops can keep your child's feet cool. Flip-flops are also as easy as possible to put on and take off. Your child can put their shoes on by themselves to give them a sense of independence and confidence.

Another reason kid's slide sandals are so convenient is because they are easy to bring to the pool. If your child wants to go swimming, they can easily toss off their slides and hop in the water. Then, when they're done swimming, they can slide their kid's slides shoes right back on. Children can wear slides when their feet are wet without worrying about slipping. Slides can prevent your child from stepping on things at the community pool or the beach.

Kids' gladiator sandals are necessities for active children. If you have a child who loves running around the beach, a pair of gladiator sandals can provide protection for your child's feet. These sandals are also breathable, so your child's feet won't overheat on warm days.

At Lands' End, we have cute sandals for kids in a variety of colors and styles. You can find floral print flip-flops for your daughter or solid color sandals for your son. Shop by your loved one's favorite color or browse our vivid patterns to find something your son or daughter will adore.

Kids' dress sandals are the solution for formal summer events. If your family was invited to a wedding or graduation party, dress your child in dress sandals so they can look formal, while feeling comfortable.

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Check out the kid's sport sandals we have available to find the perfect pair for your son or daughter. Shop by specific size to discover the best fit possible at Lands' End!