Kids Pants

Sweatpants for Kids

Sweatpants for Kids

When the temperature comes down, sweatpants go on! Lands' End provides a variety of comfortable, long-lasting, warm sweatpants for kids. We offer several styles of sweatpants for your son or daughter to cozy up in by the fire or to wear during a run. Styles include Sherpa-lined sweatpants, jogger sweatpants, kids' fleece-lined pants, and a few fun sweatpants with patterns. Some of the patterns available are the mysterious black camouflage and must-have blue checkerboard. Available colors include deep-sea navy, gray heather, fresh petal, and deep claret.

You can guarantee that your kids will be warm and bundled up while playing in the leaves or building a snow fort if they're wearing Lands' End sweatpants underneath their snow pants! Better yet, we offer kids' winter coats and jackets, so you can purchase all of your winter wear needs at one place!

Sizes for kids fleece pants range from little kid 4-7, and big kid 8-20. Kids' pants are made from high-quality fabric and have reasonable prices without compromising quality. Your big kids and little kids can throw on their sweatpants and enjoy the cooler weather with Lands' End. Some styles come with a drawstring waist and others come with pockets. You can also find sweatpants in husky sizes or regular versions, for the larger-boned kids and the tiny ones!

Shopping at Lands' End is the simple choice for warm and comfortable clothes for those holiday and winter birthday gifts. Don't forget to add in a fun top or T-Shirt for kids to mix and match for those fun stay-in-bed-and-watch-movie days.

If you're buying for your grandchildren, Lands' End has exactly the right traditional, classic clothing that mom and dad will approve of while keeping your grandkids smiling and happy in their new cool pants for kids! Sometimes being fashionable is merely about keeping it cool in sweatpants from Lands' End. Enjoy shopping for your kids as you choose their favorite colors, the right size, and the perfect style.