Tote Bag



Everybody needs at least one tote bag. A canvas tote bag can come in handy whether you're going to the grocery store, the beach, or to work. Find high-quality totes at Lands' End that are ideal for your lifestyle!

Do you have a newborn baby, or are you babysitting your new grandchild? If so, you can use canvas tote bags as diaper bags. Some of the women's tote bags we have for sale can store diapers, baby wipes, and even boys' jeans in case you need a change of clothes for your child. The various pockets and compartments in large tote bags can truly come in handy!

A canvas tote is also great for taking to the beach. Use a beach tote to store children's beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, and beach toys. A beach bag is a vacation must-have if you are going on a spring break trip or summer getaway with your family.

Looking for a gift to give to your loved one for their birthday or for the holidays? Custom tote bags are personal and practical gifts. You can purchase personalized extra large canvas tote bags from Lands' End that include monograms or embroidery. Custom bags can show off your loved one's personal style. Personalized women's totes can also prevent your loved one's bag from getting lost or being mistaken for someone else's bag.

Beach totes aren't just for women. Consider small tote bags for your kids! Beach bags for kids can give your child a sense of independence and teach them about organization. They can store pool toys, sunscreen, and a change of clothes in their kids' beach bags and feel a sense of responsibility.

You may be using large canvas tote bags when taking a trip to the grocery store. These bags are more eco-friendly than plastic bags and more durable than paper bags. You can also reuse the bags as many times as you need, allowing you to get your money's worth.

Grab a large beach bag when heading to the community pool and fill it with swimsuit cover ups, water bottles, and sunscreen. Keep all of your summer must-haves in your canvas beach bag to stay organized and prepared for spontaneous summer days. At Lands' End, you can find beach bag totes perfect for your lifestyle!