Swim Leggings

Swimsuit Leggings

Swimsuit Leggings

If you are interested in trying the very latest and best in swim separates from Lands’ End, consider our swim leggings for women. Yes, you read correctly, swim leggings! We have actually offered womens swim leggings for some time, but they are beginning to gain mainstream traction and we believe they will be trending soon, and with good reason; skirted swim leggings offer a degree of coverage and versatility not seen in any other swim separates. Shorts come closest, but swim leggings are a new concept that beautifully rounds out any woman’s swimwear wardrobe.

Lands’ End offers a legendarily huge selection of swimsuits for women, so you might be wondering why we are so excited about something like our swim leggings with skirt. Well, the answer is two-pronged: versatility and practicality. If you need faultless sun protection for any reason, from simple vanity to taking certain medications, swim leggings provide UPF 50 protection for your skin (covered areas only) all the way to your calves. Combined with a long-sleeved rash guard, you can enjoy the pool or beach knowing that you are protecting your skin as thoroughly as possible. Another practical application for womens swim leggings is to keep sand on the beach and out of your bikini bottom. Consider this a personal tip from me to you: if you are visiting a beach with particularly rough surf, or have a little one you will need to sit with in the waves, wearing swim leggings for women over your regular swimsuit will generally protect you from picking up sand in your swimwear bottoms.

Further, the versatility of skirted swim leggings can’t be beat! Not sure what your day will hold, though you know you’re going to the beach at some point? A one piece swimsuit or bikini worn under a cute rash guard and swim leggings with skirt mean that you can walk around all day in a cute athleisure wear outfit, and strip it off at the beach, or not, depending on how you feel. If the sun is blistering and you want to stay covered, walk right into the surf. Your outfit will dry quickly! If you use your swim leggings as a cover-up piece, you know that they won’t be damaged by water, salt or chlorine. Maybe you’re not having a great self-confidence day and would prefer a bit more coverage from your swimwear. Take off your rash guard and leave your skirted swim leggings on. They are so cute they don’t look a smidge out of place with other swimwear, and you can concentrate on having fun. Adding swim leggings to your swimwear wardrobe gives you bathing suit choices our mothers only dreamed about.

We at Lands’ End truly believe that there is a place for swim leggings in every woman’s swimwear wardrobe, and we know that skirted swim leggings have the flirty appeal most women want with their swimwear. For an amazing fusing of cute and practical, try swim leggings for women from Lands’ End.