Sun Protection Swimwear

Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits with UPF 50

Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits with UPF 50

Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits

Gone is the era of lying in the hot sun, slathered in oil, trying to get as bronzed as possible. The more we learn about the potentially harmful rays of the sun, the more determined we at Lands’ End become to give you the tools you need to have fun in the sun, safely. We are proud to offer Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits, recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, to help you minimize the damage the sun can cause to your skin (in the covered areas only, of course). Sun Protection Swimwear is just one facet of enjoying time in the sun safely, but Lands’ End is privileged to help you find swimsuits with UPF 50, so that your most sensitive areas are covered with the best sun protection possible.


As you browse our selection of swimwear, you will see the letters UPF referring to their suitability as Sun Protection Swimsuits, and wonder what exactly that means for you. Simply put, UPF is the sun protection rating applied to clothing. It’s similar to the SPF rating system we use when we choose sunscreens for our skin, but SPF pertains only to sunscreen's effectiveness against UVB rays. These are widely considered the more damaging rays of the sun. However, UPF factors in a fabric’s effectiveness at protecting you from both UVB and UVA rays. So, when you see a cute women’s rash guard that offers UPF 50 protection, it means that garment sports the most complete sun protection that Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits have to offer. We want to reiterate that our SPF Swimwear, more properly referred to as UPF Swimwear, is not a magic cloaking device. Sun Protection Swimwear only protects the skin that it covers. You absolutely still need a great sun hat and reliable sunscreen!

The Benefits of Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits

Think of your last sunburn—we hope you have to think a long way back! The burning, the pain, the blistering and peeling… it’s all terribly unpleasant to say the very least. Now imagine that happening to the places on your body that rarely see the sun, the areas that are as creamy white as the day you were born from never having been in out in the hot sun. Or perhaps rarely out in the hot sun; we won’t judge! Swimsuits with UPF 50 provide the best available protection against sun exposure and sunburn, and when you think of the areas of your body you most want to protect from sunburn, the skin under your bathing suit is probably at the top of the list.

More seriously, our Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation cannot guarantee that you will never be diagnosed with skin cancer. Sadly, nothing can guarantee that. But we can promise that our Sun Protection Swimwear is one of the smartest steps you can take to minimize your exposure to the sun’s harsh rays when you know you are going to be out in the sunshine. We all want to have fun at the beach or in the pool, and taking steps to protect our skin with SPF Swimwear makes that fun more relaxing for being worry free. Besides, while we have reminded you that only covered areas on your skin are protected from the sun, we have not yet reminded you that it has never been easier to balance beachwear fashion and sun protection. A cute option in women’s swimwear is to wear a rash guard or swim tee with bikini bottoms. Choose a pretty rash guard to pair with a brief bikini bottom and you will look chic and appropriate while you enjoy serious sun protection on the “hot spots” of your shoulders, upper back and décolletage. If you’re especially sensitive or perhaps travelling to a tropical locale, you might choose swim capris or swim shorts and a full-zip rash guard with a high neck to maximize your coverage. The possibilities are endless, and can be very cute!

Sun Safety and Fun in the Sun

No one wants to give up long afternoons on the beach, mornings spent by the pool, or weekends spent sailing. Even if you are committed to making the wisest possible choices about sun protection, you will still take a vacation or take a little one to swimming lessons at some point, so be realistic about choosing Skin Cancer Prevention Swimsuits by Lands’ End, recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. We are here to help you practice sensible sun safety without sacrificing fun in the sun with our beautiful array of Sun Protection Swimwear.