Closed Toe Sandals

Hiking Sandals

Hiking Sandals

If you’re in the market for sturdy Closed Toe Sandals appropriate for all your favorite summertime activities, look no further than Lands’ End shoe department! Whether you want supportive outdoor sandals for everyday wear or purpose-designed Hiking Sandals, we can offer the best hiking sandals available. There’s a reason Lands’ End is known for our winter coats and swimsuits — we take outdoor activities seriously! Our Closed Toe Sandals reflect our commitment to providing sturdy gear to keep you comfortable as you go hiking or kayaking this summer.

During the hot summer months, it’s understandable that you might feel like hiking but not like lacing up your heavy hiking boots, so we’ve got you covered! Hiking sandals are an ideal shoe for easy to moderate hiking; you can have the support and protection of a hiking shoe in cooler, lightweight footwear. Further, the best hiking sandals dry quickly, so crossing an unexpected creek or using a riverbank for navigating won’t leave you with dangerously wet feet all day. Our Closed Toe Sandals represent the perfect marriage of ease and protection.

You will find that Lands’ End’s array of Outdoor Sandals offers many choices featuring both comfort and protection, so especially if you have an active lifestyle, they might be perfect everyday sandals for you. Walking the dog, running errands and gardening generally require shoes with greater sturdiness and support than, for example, your best wedge espadrilles. Choose Closed Toe Sandals with straps that secure them to your feet for safety and practicality—I admit to teetering off the high-heeled mules we used to call “sandals” more than once—as well as comfort and freedom of movement. The best outdoor sandals will feel like a sneaker and perform like a sneaker, while keeping your feet cool like a sandal. You can wear Closed Toe Sandals or Hiking Sandals with jeans or worn-in women’s Bermuda shorts, a casual T-shirt dress or practical swimwear. This is a shoe that offers more functionality than most, so think of it as gear rather than fashion when you are deciding how to wear it.

While we at Lands’ End are proud of the Preppy espadrilles, sophisticated pumps and cute flip-flops in our array of shoes, we are always happy to provide the high-quality, practical clothing active people need for everyday life. Our Closed Toe Sandals, Hiking Sandals and Outdoor Sandals will give you the blend of comfort and protection you need for your outdoor activities and active lifestyle. Check out our sturdy Closed Toe Sandals today!