Kids' Water Shoes

Kids' Swim Shoes

Kids' Swim Shoes

Kids love to frolic and play in the water while they're at the beach. Water shoes for kids help to keep their little feet from getting cut on sharp rocks, glass, or broken shells. When they wear kids' water shoes, they can have a great time running through the water or down the beach keeping their toes and bottom of their feet from getting hurt. Lands' End has a great collection of water and swim shoes in fun colors and styles to delight both boys and girls.

When heading to the shore for a fun day of play with your young girl, slip a girls' bathing suit on her, place kids' swim shoes on her feet, and enjoy the day together. Choose shoes with colors that match her swimsuit for a sweet summer look.

With water or swim shoes on their feet, boys and girls feel confident kicking a ball around, playing in the waves, riding a bodyboard, or chasing after the dog splashing in the water. Pack your kid's beach towel, swim trunks, and sunscreen into a special boy's backpack or cute girls backpack so it's easy for them to carry their stuff.

Pack a pair of water shoes in the kids' duffel bag when they're off to summer camp by the lake. The odor control lining inside of the water shoes helps keep the shoes smelling fresh all week long, no matter how often the young ones wear them.

When you shop at Lands' End today, you'll find the perfect shoes for kids to wear in the water. The closed-toe, quick-drying upper mesh and rubber soles give the kids feet plenty of traction and protection while keeping their feet dry. If you need help with sizing or the right style of swim shoes for kids, feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call, or for your convenience, chat with us via our website. Whichever way you choose to contact us, we look forward to speaking with you soon.