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Teacher Clothing

Teacher Clothing

We welcome educators at Lands' End! If you are in the market for school staff shirts or other teacher clothing appropriate to your building, peruse the school uniform for teachers selection at Lands' End. We make finding the building blocks of a professional wardrobe for teachers as easy as possible.

Most teachers don't wear uniforms, other than school staff shirts on Fridays. However, when one teaches at a school where uniforms are required, it is generally considered polite to wear teacher clothes chosen from among uniform pieces, although with more latitude as to mixing and accessorizing. Back to school for teachers includes ponté knit skirts and dresses, khaki pants and fresh polos just as it does for students. A professional wardrobe for teachers needs to consist of high-quality, easy-care garments that will be comfortable and unfussy as well as polished and attractive. Lands' End teacher clothing offers that.

So, when the kids are purchasing their school uniforms you can be stepping it up a notch with an even more professional adult look. Our selection of blouses for women will look great when paired with a pencil skirt or our wrinkle-free dress pants, because don't teachers have enough to do without having to worry about ironing in the morning?

If you teach in a non-uniformed school, you will still benefit from adding well-made, easy-care basics to your professional wardrobe for teachers that will streamline your laundry and your morning routine. Terrific teacher clothing like no-iron blouses and high-quality cardigans help you look and feel your best throughout long days with the children. And on Fridays, which are so often "jeans days" for public school teachers, you'll definitely want school staff shirts. A polo in your school colors, embroidered with a school insignia or mascot, that denotes your status as a member of the faculty, makes our school staff shirts the perfect go-to with your jeans for those casual days. Shop school staff shirts and teacher clothing at Lands' End today!