Cotton Sateen Pillow Cases

Sateen Personalized Pillow Cases

Sateen Personalized Pillow Cases

If you prefer sateen sheets, you will need extra matching sateen pillow cases! Cotton sateen pillow cases, very simply, are made from cotton sateen. This is a fabric crafted from combed or long-fiber cotton and then soaked in lye and acid, which both strengthens the fabric and gets it ready to accept dye. Those soaks also create the signature sheen you can observe on sateen sheets! Like cotton sateen sheets, sateen pillow cases have a glossy, elegant crispness which sets off monograms beautifully.

You might consider sateen personalized pillow cases as a special addition to your sateen sheet sets. If you received sheets as a gift or ordered them without personalization, it is easy to add sateen customized pillowcases to your bedding ensemble so that you can enjoy the practical luxury of monogramed bedding any time. An important feature of cotton sateen is that it tends to have a high thread count, making a richer, heavier fabric. This means that sateen custom pillow cases feel luxurious to your cheek and help you get your best sleep.

Complement your existing monogrammed cotton sateen bedding with extra sateen pillow cases custom embroidered to match. Almost all of our bed sheets and comforters can mix and match with sateen embroidered pillow cases, so if you love your flannel sheets but would prefer a smooth, crisp pillow case, consider selecting cotton sateen pillow cases from our generous selection.

Stock up on extra sateen pillow cases so that you always have spares! Sateen personalized pillow cases complement most bedding ensembles, so you can combine colors and styles to create a look all your own, knowing that you can rely on the durable comfort of your sateen custom pillow cases night after night. Shop sateen embroidered pillow cases at Lands’ End today!