Rolling Backpacks

Rolling Backpacks for Kids & Wheeled Backpacks

Rolling Backpacks for Kids & Wheeled Backpacks

Looking for the right rolling backpacks for your child or student? You are not alone. With the rise of technology in education, you would think that backpacks would get lighter thanks to e-readers and laptops, but students are hauling more classroom materials and gear than ever before. Rolling backpacks for kids solve the problem of a backpack needing to weigh no more than 10% of a child’s body weight to prevent back pain or muscle strain. As you shop the fantastic Lands’ End school uniform store for girls, consider the cute backpacks that would make your student’s life easier.

Wheeled backpacks make sense for children of all ages. Whether you have a little one who wants to have her skates with her after school or a teenager who takes a heavy course load, rolling backpacks for school make it easy for your student to have whatever they need with them at all times. From thick books to sports gear to extra clothing, rolling backpacks make “having it all” possible for kids! And wheeled backpacks are no longer a “dorky” option; we have cute backpacks and rolling backpacks for girls that your student will be thrilled to pull along everywhere they go.

Boys school uniforms can feel plain as the year wears on, so help your special guy pick one of our rolling backpacks in a bright color or fun camouflage print that will help him express himself through the school year. But rolling backpacks for kids aren’t just for school; camp is the perfect place for one of our wheeled backpacks. Packing up to stay at sleep away camp, whether it is for a week or a whole month, is a tall order, and cute backpacks are a must! It’s even better when they are rolling backpacks for kids that help your camper get all of their essentials to their bunk with as little trouble as possible. When you’re packing for camp, don’t forget her uniform polo shirt, school gym clothes, a pair of school uniform pants, and the all-important kid’s sleeping bag.

Whether you are shopping for camp, summer sports, or looking ahead to the new school year, find the best rolling backpacks for whatever your little (or not so little) one is up to. Help them haul their necessities safely and easily with rolling backpacks for kids from Lands’ End. As always, you can shop with confidence at Lands’ End. We have the sterling reputation for quality goods and exemplary customer service to prove that we’re not satisfied until you are satisfied.