Kids' Rain Jackets

Raincoats for Kids

Raincoats for Kids

You can find the perfect kids' rain jackets when you shop Lands' End and our adorable collection of children's rain gear. We have assorted sizes, styles, and colors of kids' rain gear for both boys and girls, so shopping with us is an easy way to stock up on these essential pieces of outerwear. There's no need to shop for raincoats for kids in stores when you can find everything you need at Lands' End.

Dress your little girl in a kids' waterproof jacket that has bright colors that look like a colorful rainbow. She'll look adorable wearing this cute jacket with girls' jeans and girls' winter boots. Keep her head extra warm with a sweet little knit hat, and she'll look like a little princess. You may also consider girls fleece jackets as a layering point.

Put your young man in a kids' rain suit that will keep him warm and dry no matter how hard the wind and rain blow. Make sure he has a pair of boy's long underwear under his boy's jeans, so he stays extra toasty warm. You could also opt for boy's fleece jackets as a layering point.

For the wee little ones, we have toddler rain jackets that will fit them just right. You want to feel confident that your little boy or girl stays nice and dry when walking to pre-school on a damp day. Keep their little hands warm with fleece gloves in little person sizes.

No matter if you are shopping for children's raincoats for your young boy, little girl, or toddler, you'll feel good knowing they will stay warm and dry with our rain gear designed for kids.

Shop with confidence that you'll find just the right raincoat for kids at Lands' End. You'll be delighted with the cute styles, the high-quality, and the designs of our rain gear for children. Feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call today to learn more about sizing, styles, and shipping options. You can also contact us through chat on our website. Whichever way you choose, we look forward to speaking with you soon!