Purple Pillow Sham

Lavendar Shams, Purple Euro Shams

Lavendar Shams, Purple Euro Shams

If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your bed, and your bedroom décor can handle a serious pop of color, allow us to suggest a new purple pillow sham set! A purple sham set works with more colors and patterns than you might think, and comfortable pillows in pretty shams work as both back support and extra sleeping pillows while they lend an air of luxury to any well-appointed bed. Whether you are looking for dark purple pillow shams, eggplant pillow shams or lavender pillow shams we’re sure to have something just right for your needs and taste!

Complement your existing bedding with extra bed pillows covered in an attractive purple pillow sham set. Many of our neutral bed sheets and comforters would look terrific with a set of European squares in purple euro shams sitting at the head of the bed. European squares offer great comfort and style, and purple euro shams would give them even more impact! An extra sleeping pillow concealed in a purple sham can make the difference between a comfortable bed and a sumptuous bed. Choose dark purple pillow shams, eggplant pillow shams or lavender pillow shams according to what would look best with your bedroom décor!

A quick home-keeping tip: An extra purple pillow sham set can solve a big, puffy storage problem.

If you live in a smaller home where linen storage is at a premium, tuck your guest pillows into a pretty purple sham set and keep them on a family bed for every day. When you have to pull out the sofa bed for a guest, trade those lavender pillow shams for the pillowcase of your guest sheets! You can offer your guest a fluffy full-sized pillow without ever stressing about storage!

Shop Lands’ End to find the purple pillow sham you need to create a perfectly-appointed bed for yourself, your family or your guests. Whether you want extra pillows for back support, want to add some vibrant color to your bedroom décor or simply need to solve a storage issue, a set of attractive dark purple pillow shams are just what you need. Browse our high quality purple sham options today!