Pullover Jackets

Pullover Jackets

Pullover Jackets

A lot of individuals have traded in their traditional outerwear for pullover jackets and coats. These jackets are designed for those who are constantly on the go. They are easy to grab when running out the door and are the perfect solution for layering in cold weather. Pullover jackets are less bulky than traditional outerwear. 

Lands’ End pullover jackets and coats include men’s, women’s, and kids. You can easily shop this category for the whole family. Choose products that are unisex sizing and multiple people in your family will be able to utilize these pullover jackets.

Pullover Jackets For Women

Women’s pullover jackets are handy for those casual days. They are the perfect solution for running errands or taking the kids to soccer practice. Our collection includes:

  • Women’s Fleece Pullovers - Women’s fleece jackets will keep you cozy and warm on the coldest days. It has a half zipper which is perfect for layering clothing underneath.  
  • Women’s Quilted Pullovers - Women’s quilted pullovers are very stylish and warm, but not bulky. They are the perfect fashion statement piece. The stitching is detailed and will help you stand out among the crowd. The snap neck closure allows you the room to add layers underneath. 
  • Women’s Hybrid Fleece Pullover - These pullovers are a mix of fleece and puffy panels. These panels are insulated with recycled plastic bottles. This is one of the warmest fleece options. It has a cowl neck allowing you plenty of room to layer underneath if you wish. 
  • Women’s Down Pullover - Women’s down jacket pullovers are bulkier than other options, but they will withstand colder temperatures too. This is due to the down insulation that is used. 

For more outerwear options, check out our women’s winter coat page. Here you will find a variety of jacket offerings including Women’s Barn Jackets, Packable Down Coats, and much more. 

Pullover Jackets for Men

Men’s pullover jackets are the perfect solution for playing outdoor sports or running errands. They are also handy to keep in your car so that you are never stuck feeling chilly at work or in a shop. Nothing is worse than going to a restaurant and feeling chilly the whole time you are trying to enjoy a meal out. These pullovers can turn a chilly situation into one that you enjoy without the added bulk that a coat may cause. Our men’s pullover jackets include:

  • Unisex Wind Shirts - These pullovers are constructed with material that will help deter the wind and light rain. 
  • Men’s Fleece - Men’s fleece jackets are the perfect solution for layering and transitional weather. They can be utilized all year and you will enjoy the cozy feeling that they offer. 
  • Men’s Sweater Fleece - These fleece jackets are designed to have a sweater look and are only lined with fleece. They are warm and can be utilized for business or formal affairs. 

If you want to explore more men’s outerwear, be sure to check out our men’s winter coats page. This page houses a larger selection of men’s outerwear including men’s down jackets, men’s packable jackets, and much more. 

Pullover Jackets Kids

Kids pullover jackets are less popular than other forms of outerwear for kids. This is mainly because some little ones have difficulties pulling jackets over their heads. You will see we have a windbreaker pullover option for kids. This is a great jacket for hiking or playing outdoors. It is the perfect back-to-school addition, as they can easily leave it in their locker in case it rains or turns chilly, and they are stuck without a jacket. For more options, check out our kid's winter coats page.