Printed Comforters

Add a splash of fun to your bedroom design with one of our pattern comforters. Lands' End offers a wide assortment of comforters that come in all sorts of stylish patterns and designs. 

Many of our patterned comforters are reversible, making them an excellent choice if you like to switch things up. Change it by season, or flip it every day when you make your bed. Our printed comforters come in many colors and patterns. Choose a more basic pattern and pair it with floral throw pillows for a fresh and feminine look. Break up a wild pattern with one of our luxurious throw blankets. By layering different textures and elements, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Find the perfect print for your room based on your personal tastes and preferences. Our prints range from bold and loud to traditional and subdued. Choose a whimsical print for a child's bedroom and a more mature one for the master bedroom. If your sense of style is eclectic, mix and match your prints with the rest of your bedding set. There are many options to play around with to find the right look for you. 

If you're looking for unique comforters that also happen to be oh-so-comfortable, then you've come to the right place. Some of them feature fleece fabric that will have you eager to crawl into bed each night. All of our fleece is made to be as soft as possible, giving you a velvety night of sleep. This material is prone to pilling, making it last longer. 

Some of our other patterned comforters are filled with Pureloft, which is a synthetic microfiber. These comforters have all the comfort and warmth of goose down without the allergies. Use a Pureloft comforter by itself or layer on other blankets for even more comfort and warmth on especially chilly nights. They also feature box stitching to ensure the microfiber stays evenly dispersed throughout the comforter. 

Shop Lands' End to browse through our assortment of print comforters. You're sure to find the finishing touch for your bedroom set.