Percale Standard Pillow Cases

Percale Personalized Pillow Cases

Percale Personalized Pillow Cases

If you prefer percale sheets for their crisp, cool feel, check out our array of percale pillow cases for the extra pillow cases you need. Like almost all bedding at Lands’ End, our percale standard pillow cases (and every other size) are eligible for monogramming. You can enjoy percale customized pillow cases that perfectly match your percale sheets, or complement your existing bedding.

When shopping for percale pillow cases, remember that percale refers to the weave of a fabric, not the fiber, so you will often see “cotton percale” to signify that the fibers are indeed cotton. Percale generally, though not always, features a thread-count on the lower end purposely to provide superior breathability. It’s a classic sheeting weave that provides the crisp drape and clean, matte look many people prefer. Percale customized pillow cases offer the cool, elegant style of bedding you probably remember from your grandmother’s home—it was the standard type of sheeting used for most of the 20th Century.

Complement the bedding you already have with new percale embroidered pillow cases. Almost all of our bed sheets and comforters mix well with extra pillows dressed in soft neutrals or contrasting prints, and we boast a terrific array of colors and styles sure to please. Whether you need percale standard pillow cases or another size, our selection is sure to include something just right for your bedroom décor.

Build the cool, restful nest of your dreams with percale bedding and percale personalized pillow cases from Lands’ End. Extra pillows covered in crisp percale customized pillow cases will transform your bed from a place to sleep into a place to dream. Shop percale pillowcases today!