Matching Family Clothing

Matching Family Clothing Collection

Matching Family Clothing Collection

If you’re looking for a fun, festive Mommy and Me outfit for you and your little one, look no further than Lands’ End’s terrific Mommy and Me Clothing Collections! If you are a regular Lands’ End shopper, you already know about our delightful family pajamas —we even remember the good doggos every year!—but you may not know that we have introduced the most charming array of Mommy and Me matching outfits within our legendary swimwear collection. We’re thrilled to introduce matching, or mix-and-matching family clothing swimwear ensembles!

Our Matching Family Clothing Collection is varied enough that every member of your family, no matter their age, size or style preference, can find something they will really love among our array of matching family clothing. At the same time, we really must admit that the Mommy and Me matching outfits are truly something special! All children, but especially little girls, experience a sweet joy at being dressed like their favorite grow-up, and the bond that mothers build with daughters by dressing alike occasionally is precious memory-making. Take advantage of that whenever possible! My sisters and I still laughingly recall our family of 11 trooping to the amusement park in all-matching outfits, “so that mommy can find you in a crowd.” Never mind that as the second-oldest I was 19; it’s still a delightful reminiscence.

Among the Mommy and Me Clothing Collections, our array of bathing suits stands out for its sheer volume. There is a good selection of pajamas, both men’s and women’s loungewear and even street clothing, but the bathing suits and other swimwear selections go on and on! Whether you prefer a full-coverage long-sleeve rash guard, a practical tankini swimsuit or a flirty bikini bottom to pair with your favorite bikini top, we’ve got it! And if you’d rather coordinate with other pieces, check out the beach towels and beach cover ups you can select to complement your existing swimwear wardrobe. There are trunks and rash guards for men and boys as well as a variety of styles of little girls’ swimwear. We promise, there really is something for everyone, and of course every piece of the swimwear in our Matching Family Clothing Collection measures up to the high standards of all Lands’ End swimwear!

We expect more families to be vacationing, gathering, hitting the lake house, sailing and just plain being out-and-about more than ever to make up for the tough summer we all put in last year. Select Mommy and Me matching outfits and other pieces of matching family clothing to make your photos as well as your memories really stand out! Many years from now, everyone will remember fondly the year the whole family wore matching pajamas not just for Christmas but for summer vacation as well! Shop the Mommy and Me Clothing Collections and the Matching Family Clothing Collection at Lands’ End.