Men's and Women's Chinos

Chino Outfits for Men and Women

Chino Outfits for Men and Women

Finding matching chinos for the family does not have to be difficult when you have Lands’ End on your side. We offer men’s chinos, women’s chinos, and chinos for kids. To make your shopping experience a little bit easier, we have gathered our top chino clothing for men and women and put them all in one place. This means you can shop with ease and get the exact look your family is going for. 

So, what is this collection all about? It’s about finding the style, fashion, and comfort you want for your family. Chinos are a neutral color and you can easily match your favorite women’s cardigan sweaters or men’s Oxford shirts with them. The biggest hurdle with chinos is finding an exact color match between men and women. This would be important if you are going for a coordinated look with your loved one. 

Say you have important engagement photos coming up. You want to look coordinated in your pictures. One of the best ways to do that is simply by wearing the same type of pants and ensuring they are the same shade. You can then choose a coordinating shirt color and you will both look well put together for your photo shoot. Photos are something that will last a lifetime, so you want to take care in choosing your outfits accordingly. 

Why You May Want Matching Chinos For The Whole Family

In recent years, coordinating outfits with family members has become a big thing. At Christmas time, it seems like everyone wants to wear matching family pajamas. It's a fun look that can give your Christmas card a bit of spark and make others smile. Plus, you have the comfort of being of being a part of a family fashion trend.  

Then there is a mommy and me trend, where the mommy and her little ones coordinate clothes to match perfectly. This may be matching dresses, matching shirts, or even just accessories that match. Regardless of what way you choose to match, people will get a vibe that you are connected to your little ones and their fashion sense matters to you.

Last but not least, perhaps you are at the beginning stages of your relationship. You may be attending a couples retreat or just wanting to be more connected to your loved one. This can be done through fashion. Not everything has to match, but adding a touch of style that coordinates you and your loved one together will make the worldview you as a well-put-together couple. 

Chinos can be casual or dressy. Most of us already own a pair in our closet, but you have probably already noticed that your chinos do not match your family's. This is the reason you will want to take special care to buy chinos for men, women, and kids that all have the same color scheme. This will ensure that you get a simple style that will go great no matter what event you are attending. 

Men’s and Women’s Chino Clothing - What to Wear With Chinos

Our men’s and women’s chino clothing collection is much more than what meets the eye. It is a collection put together with heart knowing that this fashion statement will connect you with the ones you love the most. It is also about luxury and affordability. We bring you styles that are well-rounded and will be easy on your wallet. Let’s take some time to review what this collection includes for both men and women. 

Men’s Chino Clothing

  • Big and Tall Comfort Chinos - It’s all about getting the perfect fit. Lands’ End offers an extensive line of men’s big and tall clothing for you to choose from, and it includes chinos. 
  • Striped Rugby Shirts - Chino dressing is not just for work! You can easily dress your chinos to match your lifestyle. A rugby stripe shirt will be a great look when hitting the town for a few drinks with friends. 
  • No Iron Chinos - We all live busy lives and most of us do not have time to iron every piece of clothing that comes out of our closet. So, this is something you will not have to worry about with our no-iron chino collection. 
  • Pleated Waist Chinos - We all have a different style that we like. If you go for a more traditional chino look you may want to opt for our pleated waist chinos. 
  • Traditional Fit Hybrid Chinos - These chinos have a class feel with a built-in stretch. The traditional fit means that the legs will fall straight down through the hips and thighs. 
  • No Iron Chino Shorts - Perfect for a day of boating, golfing, or going to the beach. You may even want to utilize them at work if casual days allow you to wear shorts. They are the perfect fit that will go with any shirt or top you choose

Men's Chino Outfits

No matter what you are doing for the day, be sure you style your chinos to make an outfit that will accommodate your movement and will have you looking as fresh as a daisy. For a casual day of leisure, try pairing your favorite chinos with a men's v-neck sweater. For layers, you could wear a T-shirt under your sweater. This way if you get too hot you can take it off entirely. For a day in the office, you will probably have to get a little more formal. In this case, we recommend a nice men's no iron shirt with a tie. Or you could leave the top button open and allow a white T-shirt to peek through. For a night out with friends, try a men's henley shirt with your chinos. It will be stylish but allow you to feel more relaxed.

Women’s Chino Clothing

  • Slim Cargo Chino Pants - If a slender fit is your thing, you will love our Slim Fit Chino pants. They will pair great with our women’s sweaters.
  • No Iron Boyfriend Tunics - Tunics are a favorite among women and with good reason. Our no-iron collection allows you to easily pull your shirt out of your closet and get dressed without the need to iron. Pair your favorite women’s tunic with your chinos and you will have an outfit that will last the test of time. 
  • Corduroy Blazer Jackets - Perfect for the fall time, you will want to add this staple to your closet now. It pairs well with women’s jeans and leggings, as well. Finish off your look with a pair of women’s boots
  • Chino Utility Pants - These utility chinos have large pockets for you to enjoy. Plus, they give a whole new look to the old carpenter pants that everyone adored and loved. 
  • Cashmere Crewneck Sweaters - Our chino collection is about luxury and that is why we have to include our beloved cashmere sweaters
  • Straight-Leg Chinos - You will love the comfort that our straight-leg chinos bring. These timeless pants can go with you anywhere. 
  • Wide-Leg Chinos - Wide-leg chinos have a highly fashionable vibe. These wide legs will look great when having a night out on the town or apple picking with the family. 

Women's Chino Outfits

When it comes to pairing chino outfits, there is no shortage of ideas. The sky is the limit, but we will run through a couple of options with you. For a day when you have many meetings and a hectic schedule, you will want a no-brainer outfit. These days we recommend that you go for dark color chinos and pair them with a nice women's dress shirt. If you have a more casual day, always opt for your chinos, a women's v-neck T-shirt, and finish it off with a women's flannel shirt. This is a timeless look that everyone can be a part of.

Lands’ End Family Chino Collection

As you can see, our chino collection is much more than meets the eye. While we have chinos for the whole family, it's really about bringing your look together. This can be done with statement pieces that are found throughout our collection including luxury women’s cashmere sweaters. Our kids' chinos can be found in our school uniform collection. If you wish to coordinate your whole family's chinos, that is the best place to look for your kiddos. 

Chinos are a lifestyle and we encourage you to have a favorite pair in your closet. If you can match up colors you will always be able to coordinate outfits with your loved one. Rather that is just a few family members or everyone. Enjoy our chino outfitting and let us know if you need any help when shopping on our website. Our customer service team is on standby and can help you with any issues you may encounter.