Mens Coats & Jackets

Men’s wool winter coats can dress up anything you’re wearing, including jeans and a sweatshirt – and keep you warm wherever you’re headed. Our wool winter jackets come in a variety of styles, from peacoats and car coats to overcoats. You can wear these men’s winter coats over suits as you commute to the corner office. Or slip on the wool winter jackets as you carpool the kids around for Saturday activities.

When we build men’s wool winter coats, we start with the best blends of wool. Then we brush the wool for added softness in these warm winter jackets you’ll want to wear everywhere. The wool winter jackets can also have a layer of high-tech insulation for added warmth in frigid climates. And there are wool winter jackets with lining for even more warmth.

The men’s wool winter coats come in a variety of sizes to fit just-right. We also add extra space where you need it most in these wool winter jackets for men so it’s easy to move in the best wool winter coats. In addition, we’ll reinforce the seams where there’s the most stress so you can stay active in the warm winter jackets, whether skiing down the slopes or running after the kids. You’ll love how the men’s winter coats fit into your active life.

Our men’s wool winter coats are also packed with all the features that help keep the cold at bay. The wool winter jackets for men can have interior pockets to warm your hands. Look for men’s winter coats with oversized turn-up collars and throat latches for more coverage. Once you try our wool winter jackets and see how warm and comfortable they are, you’ll know why we are known for having the best wool winter coats built for Wisconsin and ready for everywhere.