Men’s Tall Blazers

Men’s Tall Sport Coats

Men’s Tall Sport Coats

Men’s Tall Sport Coats

The beauty of men’s tall blazers can’t be denied. They exude sophistication and classic appeal, and they add immediate style to virtually any outfit. What’s more, our range is designed specifically to fit and flatter your tall frame. We’re proud to offer structured coats that couple style with practicality, providing you with a versatile option for professional, formal, and business casual outfits.

How to choose the right one for you? Take a peek at the fit first. We’ve got three options in men’s tall sport coats: traditional, tailored, and slim. The first is an all-time classic that’s simple to wear with almost anything, from men’s khaki pants to dress pants. Tailored pants exude a sense of crisp, no-fuss formality. If you’re interested in purchasing separates to create your own suit, this is a perfect choice. Finally, slim-fit pants offer a more contemporary option, with clean lines and a crisp structure.

These men’s tall suit jackets stand out for more than just their phenomenally good looks. They’re also designed to fit your tall frame perfectly. Forget about pulling on the sleeves or tugging at the hem in the hopes that you can achieve some extra coverage. These jackets take all the guesswork out of finding the perfect blazer.

Great style is a part of the equation, too. Our men's tall sport jacket capture a sense of enduring style thanks to their timeless color selection. Choose from standards like black, gray, and navy. They look fantastic with matching men’s pants, but you can also wear them with contrasting bottoms for a different take on polished style.

What makes tall sport jacket so important to your wardrobe? It’s all in the versatility. They’re perfect for wearing to the office, of course. Whether you’ve got a major interview lined up or are presenting in front of the boss, you need a jacket that sets the tone for the moment. If you need something that makes a smooth transition from work to after-hours, these jackets do the job beautifully. You can easily wear them on a date night with someone special or attend the opening of an art show or other special event and look the part. Try them with a pair of men’s jeans to achieve a slightly different look.

No matter where you’re going, expect your tall blazer to fit you beautifully — and look as great as it feels. As one of the most classic pieces you’ll ever own, these sports coats capture a sense of authentic, reliable style. You’ll find yourself reaching for it time and time again.