Men's 3XL Swimwear

3XL Swimwear for Men

3XL Swimwear for Men

Enjoy all of your favorite water activities wearing men's 3XL swimwear pieces from the Lands' End collection. From quick-dry cargo pants, volley swim trunks, board shorts, and 3XL rash guards, Lands' End has you covered.

When the weekend comes around and you're planning an adventure in the outdoors, grab a pair of men's 9-inch quick-dry cargo swim trunks to get you through your adventure. Whether you're wading through streams in a slot canyon, fly fishing on a crystal clear stream, or kayaking down Class III rapids, these are the only shorts you'll need.

The water-repelling fabric helps you stay dry when water splashes on you, and the UPF 50 fabric gives you added sun protection (for covered areas only). When embarking on any outdoor adventure, pack a pair of men's water shoes to help keep your feet protected from hot sand and obstacles.

The collection of Lands' End 3XL swimwear for men has features such as elastic waistbands and mesh liners for all-day comfort, hidden pockets to carry small personal items securely, a cellphone pocket, and functional front zippers. These 3XL swim pieces for men are versatile enough to wear to the beach, while working in the yard, or to wear when meeting friends for lunch at an outside cafe. Our 3XL shorts are stylish enough to wear with big men's polo shirts, men's flannel shirts, and a variety of big men's hoodies.

Nothing beats a tropical vacation for relaxation and fun outdoor adventures. Have fun expressing yourself wearing men's swim trunks decorated with bold jungle flowers, pineapples, or nautical designs. Make sure to pack plenty of Lands' End men's swimwear with you so you can wear a different pair of swim trunks, board shorts, and rash guards throughout your whole vacation.

Enjoy the fine craftsmanship of our 3XL men's swimwear. All of our swimwear pieces are easy to care for and machine washable. With proper care, you can expect to wear your swimwear pieces season after season. You're sure to find the perfect men's swimwear in 3XL when you shop Lands' End today.