Men's Striped Ties

Men's Striped Tie, Men's Stylish Ties

Men's Striped Tie, Men's Stylish Ties

One of the most versatile accessories a man can own is a men's striped necktie. They pair handsomely with different colored shirts, slacks, and suits, and you'll want to have more than one men's striped tie to add to your wardrobe. Lands' End has an extensive collection of men's striped ties in various widths and lengths so you can feel comfortable wearing a different one every day.

Striped ties have a distinct pattern to them. A British Regimental stripe tie, with varying colors, has stripes of different sizes running from the left shoulder to the waist and is one of the most original styles of striped ties a man can wear. This style of tie is ideal to wear for a formal occasion when paired with a men's dress shirt, men's tailored pants, and polished men's dress shoes

For a more modern look, the American Regimental striped tie, a counterpart to the British version, has the stripes running from the right shoulder to the left side of the waist and is a great tie to wear with chino pants and a button-down men's casual shirt

A University stripe tie is a common style of tie that has diagonal stripes, running in either direction, with stripes of equal sizes. This type of men's striped tie with a striped shirt looks handsome with dark-colored trousers, a cream-colored dress shirt, and a navy blue sports jacket.

Shop Lands' End today with confidence that the striped ties for men from our collection are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials. You'll love how they look with all of your shirts, whether casual or formal, and they add a wonderful sense of personalized style to all of your outfits.

Give our friendly customer service representatives a call or chat through our website with any questions you may have about our striped ties. We can share our shipping options with you and gift box the tie if it's a gift for someone special. We look forward to speaking with you soon.