Men's Solid Color Neckties

Men's Solid Color Ties

Men's Solid Color Ties

Every man needs at least one men's solid tie for his collection. They are ideal to wear for business purposes, to weddings, and for more somber events. Lands' End is the place to go when you need a quality tie in one color. Whether you're looking for a deep blue tie or a burgundy one, we have lots of styles and solid colors to choose from.

Generally, when choosing a solid color tie, try to avoid shiny weaves and look more for a matte finish. A repp weave in the tie is ideal for a solid color, especially in men's solid silk neckties. The repp tie is woven so that the tight diagonal ribs of the weave highlight the deep hues of the solid color tie. This style of silk tie is perfect to wear with a men's dress shirt for a formal event when you want to look refined and polished.

For a more casual look, choose a brightly-colored necktie in a knit design with a straight hem. This tie will look great with a striped men's casual shirt, and men's jeans or chinos when you're having Sunday brunch with friends or family.

When you have a business meeting with important clients, choose a solid, dark-colored tie worn over a light-colored shirt. Wear a suit jacket with matching men's dress pants and you'll project a professional and sophisticated appearance.

Shop Lands' End today when you're preparing to buy several men's solid color neckties. From cotton to silk, we have just the right tie to match any of your dress, casual, and business shirts. The quality of our men's ties is unsurpassed and with proper care, they'll look great for years.

If you have any questions about our men's men's solid color ties, feel free to give our customer service representatives a call or chat through our website. If the tie is a gift, we can monogram and gift box it before sending the present to the recipient. We look forward to speaking with you soon.