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Men's Socks

Men's Socks, Argyle Socks, Crew Socks

You wouldn't head out the door to dive into the responsibilities of a busy day without wearing sturdy shoes, and socks for men are just as important. At Land's End, you'll find a wide variety to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Maybe you need socks to help you complete a work outfit that includes a men's blazer and dress pants. Or, perhaps you're getting ready to go on a hiking trip in the mountains and want socks that suit that active excursion and encourage breathability. In any case, we've got your feet covered.

When designing the products in our inventory, we focus on the seemingly small details that combine to give you excellent wearing experiences as you enjoy our durable garments. That aim extends to our accessories for your feet, too. After buying some, you may decide we sell the best socks for men you've ever tried. Reinforced heels and toes help the socks hold up well over time, while the ribbed-stitched centers support your arches.

Some of our styles even have partial cushioning in the soles. If you're donning a men's rain jacket and some waterproof pants to prepare for an outdoor job involving standing outside for hours at a time, we know you'll appreciate that extra bit of padding. And, treating your feet well with high-quality accessories gives consistent comfort that makes shifts more pleasant.

Do you love incorporating elements of personalization in your clothes whenever possible? In that case, you can get crew socks for men, as well as some of our other styles, monogrammed. Just select that option before confirming your purchase, then provide the necessary details during the checkout process. Monogrammed products also make excellent gifts, and the ones we offer are very practical, making them ideal for everyday wear.

If you want to bring patterned pizzazz to your wardrobe, look no further than our argyle socks. They feature plaid designs inspired by kilts worn by people from the Scottish Highlands. Take your pick of several colors, too. Because they're so versatile, these socks are great for wearing to the office, but they work equally well when you choose an outfit including a men's flannel shirt and a pair of jeans before cheering on your son at a high school football game.