Men's Silk Ties & Men's Silk Neckties

Men's Ties Silk Neckties

Men's Ties Silk Neckties

If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe, consider getting a men's silk necktie. A silk tie is a versatile piece that you can wear for a wide range of occasions, from dining in a fancy restaurant to working in the office. If you're looking for a truly well-made silk tie, you've found the right store. Lands' End has an amazing selection of top-quality men's silk ties that will meet every man's needs and preferences. Explore our website now to find yourself a new favorite necktie.

Need a professional-looking tie? Take a look at our men's regimental striped tie. These men's silk neckties are made of an exceptionally soft and smooth 100% silk fabric. Cut at a 45-degree bias, they tend to lie flat instead of turning over, so they can help you maintain a neat appearance all day. Additionally, they come with hand-sewn bar tacks for extra sturdiness and a bottle shape for a stylish look. Thanks to their traditional patterns, these ties go well with a wide array of button-down shirts, from men's dress shirts to printed shirts.

Our men's silk knit ties are the ideal option if you prefer something more casual. Also made of 100% silk, these ties feature an intricate “grain of rice” knit that adds visual interest and dimension to your outfit. Their narrower width ensures they'll complement instead of overwhelming your shirt, while their rectangular shape adds a distinctive and relaxed touch. These are the perfect neckties to wear with business-casual clothes such as men's blazers, sport coats, and chino pants.

When it comes to men's ties, silk neckties are the epitome of refinement and sophistication. They'll help you make a positive and memorable impression everywhere you go. Lands' End's men's ties aren't only stylish and comfy, but they're also highly resistant against daily wear and tear. Therefore, they can serve you well for many years, giving you great value for your money. Shop at Lands' End now to score incredible deals on silk neckties.