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Men’s Water Sandals

Men’s Water Sandals

Men’s Sandals

No man’s summer is complete without a high-quality pair of comfortable, stylish sandals. Whether you are taking a much-needed vacation, heading to the beach with your family, or getting projects done around the house, some comfy sandals are in order. At Lands’ End, we carry a wide variety of sandals, including men’s fisherman sandals, men’s slide sandals, and everything in between!

Men’s Water Sandals

Water sandals are a must-have for any man who spends a significant amount of time in or around a body of water. Whether you are fishing down by the river, taking the boat out on the lake, or beach-bumming it by the ocean, a high-quality pair of water sandals will make your experience so much better. When you shop at Land’ End, you’ll find stylish men’s water sandals in different colors, including brown, gray, black, and more. We have slide-on water sandals, water sandals with straps, and ortho-spring sandals to choose from.

Sandals aren’t just for wearing to the beach or hanging out by the pool; there are many men’s sandal styles designed for dryland too. Why wear sneakers or boots on a hot summer day when you could wear comfy, lightweight sandals instead? At Lands’ End, we have trendy brown leather and black leather sandals with a cross-band style feature. This sandal is perfect for completing a laid-back yet trendy summer outfit. They go with everything from board shorts to dressy men’s pants to jeans as well as chic tops like a lightweight men’s sweater.

We also carry brown leather slide sandals for dryland with a supportive cushion and a comfy, secure fit. Fewer things look better with brown leather men’s sandals than a men's t-shirt and colorful shorts.

If you just got done with an intense gym session and don’t want to wear your sneakers on your walk or drive home, pack a pair of comfy flex sandals or casual flip-flop sandals. All of our men’s sandals are multi-functional and designed to be worn for a wide variety of activities. No matter what sandal style you choose, you can wear them indoors, outdoors, on your day off, or to a dinner party with friends.

Shopping for men’s sandals to add to your footwear collection? Visit Lands’ End today to find the best selection of summer footwear styles for men, including men’s water sandals, men’s leather sandals, and more!