Men's Red Sweaters

Red Sweaters for Men

Red Sweaters for Men

Men’s Red Sweaters

As temperatures drop, you have just the excuse you need to layer up in an ideal seasonal look with a sweater from Lands’ End. With long sleeves and vests, V-necks and crews, half-zips, and more, you’ll find men’s red sweaters in a look you’ll love.

Men's red sweaters offer a rich look that commands attention. This striking hue lends you a radiant, powerful sense. Red is the color of passion, of energy, of action, and strength. It can either signal to others your own emotions and passions, or inspire them in others.

Burgundy sweaters for men offer a luxurious look in a deep color option. An intense mix of red and purple, burgundy is the color of intensity and individuality but with a compassionate side.

Dark red men’s sweaters give you the same energy as a traditional red but with a slightly muted vibe that waves off the stark attention of its brighter counterpart. If you’re a person of ambition and confidence, men’s maroon sweaters might be just your style. Maroon is the color of a strong personality but one that’s also gentle, ambitious, and inspiring.

A V-neck lets you show your layers. So color up your look however you like. Go with a traditional crewneck T-shirt that fits in anywhere, or hook a color to your pants, shorts, or shoes. A V-neck vest offers the same traditional look but with more room. This sleeveless design begs to be worn with a collared shirt—whether a button-down or a polo—but also works with a long-sleeve tee. It’s a sneaky athletic choice, too, seen on everyone from basketball coaches to golfers.

The Bedford Quarter-Zip Sweater offers an active look as well, with a placket you can open up to show your inner layer. Choose a tee or a collared option for this one.

Red Sweaters for Men

If you like classic cardigans, you have several options. Go straight classic with the Supima Cotton Cardigan, complete with convenient buttons and two easy pockets placed right up front. Or go with the Performance Button-Front Cardigan, which features the buttons but smooths out the look without the pockets. The Performance Zip-Front Cardigan goes with a full zip instead of the buttons for a modernized take on the style.

Another benefit of these red sweaters for men is that they wear well with just about anything. Go with some men’s khaki pants to dress up your look, or with men’s cargo pants for more of a “casual Friday” vibe. Men’s jeans help you step out in a more casual-comfy look.

Every Lands’ End sweater is made with the highest grade of cotton, and anti-pilling helps your choice look great no matter how often you wash it. Before you make your final selection, refer to our sizing chart for men’s tops to ensure you’re choosing the right size.