Men's Red Flannel Shirts

Men's Red Flannel Shirts & Red Flannels

Men's Red Flannel Shirts & Red Flannels

Add our men's red flannel shirts to your cold-weather wardrobe for men’s clothes you wear most anywhere. There’s no better way to stay warm on a business-casual day at work than to slip our red flannels on with a sharp pair of chinos. Or choose these men's flannel shirts that pair perfectly with your favorite jeans to do yard work. From running errands to cheering on your favorite team from the sidelines, these red plaid flannel shirts are where it’s at. 

Hefty and soft, our men's red flannel shirts are ideal for cold weather wear and can even be a lightweight jacket substitute in milder weather. These red flannels are easy to button up with plenty of features for added convenience. Thoughtful detailing on our men's flannel shirts provide a more polished style, so you can even wear the sharp-looking men’s clothing separates to work. In these casual button down shirts, you will be well-dressed and comfortable wherever your adventures take you. 

The flannel in our men's red flannel shirts is built for getting things done in spite of colder temperatures. Our sturdy red flannels stand up to the rigors of regular wear and tear while keeping you warmer than ever. From fetching wood from the woodpile to a cold morning commute, you’ll stay warm and cozy in these men’s casual shirts. We did get the weight of our men's flannel shirts just-right, so they’re warm without causing you to overheat. 

Made from our softest flannel, these versatile, casual button down shirts are perfect for everyday wear. We construct our men's red flannel shirts with the utmost attention to the details, and they’ll last for many wears to come in our highest quality fabrics. Choose these red flannels, brushed on both sides, that will stay cozy from the inside out. You can’t beat our men's flannel shirts when it comes to comfort, long wear and easy, machine-washable care.