Men's Nightshirts

Comfy Men's Sleep Shirts

Comfy Men's Sleep Shirts

Time to upgrade your sleepwear? You can't go wrong with this collection of men's nightshirts from Lands' End. Mix and match your favorite tops with men's sweatpants, pajama shorts, and more, then look forward to endless comfort. We have the pajama tops ready for any night here.

If you're searching for comfortable pajamas perfect for warmer weather, you've come to the right place. You'll find a variety of short-sleeve PJ tops at Lands' End. Go with a short-sleeve broadcloth button-down men's nightshirt on a warm summer night. This classic look will have you feeling your best, whether you're getting your sleep or you're just lounging around on a laid-back weekend morning.

We have plenty of options that are ideal for when the temperature drops as well, including mens Christmas pajamas. If you're looking for a cozy nightshirt for men, you're sure to find it in our selection. Wintry nights get a serious boost from our long-sleeve tops. From long-sleeve broadcloth styles to knit tops to winter-ready flannel, our PJs are here to keep you comfortable.

You'll find a wide range of comfy men's sleep shirts to choose from. No matter if you're looking for neutral hues like gray or colorful options like bright blue or green, timeless plaid, or other patterns, Lands' End has it all. Stock up on a variety of styles so you always have a comfortable top you can count on ready for any night.

Our men's sleep shirts will have you ready to catch up on sleep in no time! We craft these comfy men's pajama shirts from soft, durable fabrics that will have you feeling your best as you get your well-deserved rest after a busy day. Snuggle under your comforters, then drift off into a peaceful night of sleep.

And if you're unwinding after a long day or relaxing over the weekend, you can rely on our men's pajama shirts, too. Our comfy men's nightshirts aren't just for sleeping. They also make great loungewear! Pair with men's lounge pants when you're hanging out on the couch watching movies with the family or indulging in a second mug of coffee after breakfast.

You can always shop with complete confidence at Lands' End. You'll see why as soon as you put on one of our pajama tops. These men's styles are available in regular, tall, and big sizes, ensuring you get a great fit from soft and comfy fabrics. Shop the Lands' End collection of nightshirts for men today.