Mens Packable Windbreaker

Packable Windbreaker for Men

Packable Windbreaker for Men

Shop Lands' End for a versatile packable windbreaker for men, which can save the headaches of getting wet from the rain or chilled by the wind. These windbreakers come in different colors like bright yellow and green, neutral beige or a clean white. Sizes range from S, M, L, XL, and XXL so you can find the perfect fit for your significant other, friend, or family.

The men's packable windbreaker jacket is a great addition to any man's closet because of its practicality. Most guys love practical and easy-to-wear clothes that are versatile. This windbreaker is all of these because it comes with its own little bag which is located beneath the hood at the back. You can easily place it back when it stops raining and the day clears up or set it in the car or bag in case it comes in handy.

We also carry other men's clothing that is perfect for winter and those chillier days. A men's v neck sweater would be a classic top that will bring on the warmth. Why not try a women's sweater for yourself? These sweaters will work wonders for those cold days when you just want to layer up. 

The men's packable windbreaker is made to resist the wind and to keep the water out. It is made from ripstop fabric which is very light yet resists the toughest tears. The seams are completely sealed for a 100% waterproof windbreaker and the mesh lining is light. The hip pockets with mesh pocket bags will be a possible shelter for your hands during the rain and chilly weather. There is also room in the men's packable windproof jacket for other gear in case you are heading for a hike or any particular event.

Lands' End also has fall and winter outerwear besides the men's lightweight packable windbreaker so you can be ready to take on snow, wind, rain, and lower than average temperatures just around the corner.