Men's Oxford Dress Shirts

Oxford Shirt Men & Men's Oxford Style Shirts

Oxford Shirt Men & Men's Oxford Style Shirts

Shop at Lands' End today to find the perfect men's Oxford-style shirt as a gift for yourself or as a surprise for someone special in your life. Classic, sophisticated, and stylish, there is simply nothing more fashionable for modern-day men than a men's Oxford dress shirt. We have a huge selection of men's Oxford shirts that are readily available in a wide range of colors, styles, and fits. A great wardrobe staple that works well in any season, Oxford shirts are a fashionable and versatile clothing option.

Another fantastic aspect of men's Oxford button-down shirts is that they can be worn with almost anything, for any type of occasion, no matter how formal or casual. If you're looking for a professional and sophisticated outfit to wear to work, pair a men's Oxford button-up shirt with classic mens chinos, men's corduroy pants, or other men's pants in black, grey, or beige.

In cooler weather, layer one of our Oxford shirts with a round neck sweater for men or V-neck cardigan. An Oxford shirt for men can also be worn to more casual, everyday occasions, such as grabbing lunch with friends, or heading out for dinner with family. Our Oxford shirts look elegant and professional when combined with a pair of navy blue or black straight-leg men's jeans

At Lands' End, we have always prided ourselves on our ability to design clothing, footwear, and accessories for anyone and everyone. We understand that everyone is different and lead different lifestyles, which is why we design our items for a range of markets, as opposed to focusing on one specific market. You can be confident that no matter your gender, age, size, or fashion preferences, you can find something you love on our website. Shop our huge selection of men's Oxford shirts today to find the perfect wardrobe staple item for your closet.