Men's Striped Rugby Shirts

Striped Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Striped Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Looking for casual, comfortable style you can rely on every day? Look no further than this collection! A men's striped rugby shirt from Lands' End is just what you need, whether you're hanging out at home, meeting loved ones for a casual day out, or getting in your exercise. A long-sleeve striped rugby shirt is a versatile favorite you'll find yourself reaching for time and time again. Pair with jeans, sweatpants, and more depending on the occasion. You'll look stylish, no matter where you're headed!

A striped rugby shirt is an ideal go-to top for days spent relaxing and hanging out. Pair one of these tops with a pair of casual men's elastic waist pants and you're ready for a laid-back day playing in the backyard with the kids or hanging out in the house watching TV with friends. A long-sleeve striped polo keeps you stylish, even while you're unwinding!

This collection has the perfect shirts for casual outings as well. A striped long-sleeve polo shirt will have you looking sharp, all while keeping you comfortable. You can easily pair these tops with men's jeans for an outfit that works for casual dinners out and more. Whether you choose a red, blue, or green striped rugby shirt, you'll look great, without sacrificing one bit of comfort.

And when it's time to work on your exercise routine, these shirts come in handy as well. You can wear a striped long-sleeve polo with men's pants from the activewear collection for a comfortable outfit, perfect for jogs or hikes outdoors and other workouts. No matter if you're actually playing rugby or working out in some other way, these are shirts you can rely on when it's time to get active!

You can always shop with confidence at Lands' End. That's true of this collection of rugby shirts as well. We design all of our long-sleeve tops to optimize your comfort thanks to their soft, durable materials. And you can count on Lands' End for quality all the time!

We offer these shirts in a range of sizes too, so whether you're searching for regular, tall, or big and tall tops, you'll find what you need right here. Then it's time to look forward to comfortable outfits, from hanging out to casual outings to exercise and more. Shop for men's striped rugby shirts at Lands' End today.