Men's Gray Flannel Shirts

Men's Gray Flannel Shirts & Grey Flannels

Men's Gray Flannel Shirts & Grey Flannels

Our non-restrictive men's gray flannel shirts will provide comfort and warmth in any setting. From the great outdoors to a day in the office, you’ll love our men’s flannel shirts for the cozy wear and stylish appearance. Pair our grey flannels with jeans and jackets for a fall hike through the redwoods or to sip coffee on the deck in the morning. Or tuck these plaid flannel shirts into a sharp pair of chinos for date night or a business-casual day at the office.  

Soft and lightweight, our men's gray flannel shirts are an ideal layer for staying warm without causing you to overheat. These grey flannels are light but never flimsy – perfect for season-spanning wear. The details in our men's flannel shirts provide for comfortable wear that gives you room to stretch and reach as needed. That means you can wear our men's flannels to hike some serious trails or tackle that wood pile with ease before winter arrives.

Choose these men's gray flannel shirts that check all the boxes for comfort, durability, style and easy care. The machine-washable grey flannels are so easy to care for when you toss them in the laundry after a long day of hard work. Our men's flannel shirts will come out of the wash looking like you’ve pulled them off the hanger for the first time wash after wash. Count on these durable men's flannels to last for many wears to come. 

Our stylish men's gray flannel shirts come in a range of extended sizing and fits, so there is something for every body. Add the grey flannels to your cold weather wardrobes, and always have go-to shirts that are versatile. You’ll love the fit and feel of our casual button down shirts, too, with collars that stay put and cuffs that fit whether you wear them rolled up or buttoned around your wrists. Easy-wearing, our men's flannel shirts are perfect for the office, the great outdoors and everywhere in between.