Men's Colorblock Swimwear

Colorblock Swimwear for Men

Colorblock Swimwear for Men

Colorblocking fabrics have geometric chunks of bright colors that create a distinct look. The famous French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, took inspiration from the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian to bring expressive colorblocking patterns to men and women's clothing. Today, you can buy innovative, creative, and stylish men's colorblock swimwear from Lands' End to elevate your swimwear collection. Whether you want colorblock swimwear for men for everyday water activities, to take on vacation, or to wear around the house, Lands' End offers this unique style of patterns in a variety of men's sizes and swimwear styles.

Make a bold statement when you head to the beach wearing a pair of colorblock swim shorts with a dark men's T-shirt. You'll stay comfortable all day long because these swim shorts have elastic waistbands, mesh liners, and stretch fabric.

When you're going on vacation to a tropical location, nothing beats a couple of pairs of bright colorblock swim shorts and rash guards. The shorts will look good whether you're jogging on the beach, strolling through town, or lounging by the pool, and the rash guards provide sun protection (for covered areas only). Dress up your colorblock shorts with men's polo shirts when you want to have lunch at a beach-side bistro.

Choose a pair of men's swim trunks in colorblock designs made from 100% polyester and water-resistant material for all of your water-based activities. While you're playing in the water or on the beach, wearing a pair of men's water shoes can help protect your feet from rocks, shells, and hot sand, so make sure to have a pair of these protective shoes when you head out on your water-based adventures.

Colorblock swimwear pieces make great gifts for men who enjoy wearing creative activewear. You can add other items to his gift such as sweatshirts or men's hooded tops to make his present complete. Our colorblock swimwear is made with high-quality fabric, and when you follow the laundering instructions for your colorblock men's swimwear, your pieces will last for years. Enjoy shopping at Lands' End today to find the perfect men's swimwear in colorblock patterns.