Men's Canvas Jackets

Canvas Jackets for Men

Canvas Jackets for Men

Canvas jackets are not only fashionable but also durable. Many men who work outside opt for a men’s canvas jacket because it will last for many years. Not only is canvas warm, but it is also tough to penetrate. This means the man in your life will not have to worry about puncturing holes in his jacket while working. 

Canvas jackets have become a staple in the farming industry for this very reason. This is what makes it ideal for the working man who needs a warm coat. Our men’s canvas barn coats are wind and water-resistant. This means they will keep you warm and dry all day long. The collar is trimmed out in Corduroy, which helps the collar keep its shape.

Canvas Jackets: Frequently Asked Questions

Is canvas good for jackets?

Jackets or coats that are made of waxed canvas tend to be indestructible. Not only will they last for many years, but they also look great as they age. Canvas is a great material for a jacket or coat. This material is rugged, stylish, and very durable. 

Is canvas waterproof or not?

Canvas is waterproof and some industrial forms of canvas will have a polyvinyl chloride coating. This will make both sides waterproof. 

What pants should you wear with a canvas jacket?

Canvas jackets will go with a variety of outfits including men’s jeans and t-shirts. You can also utilize these jackets with dress attire such as button-down shirts and chinos. This will create a smart casual look that is perfect for any occasion. Don’t get us wrong, your canvas jacket will also look great with joggers or shorts too! 

How do you take care of a canvas jacket?

Canvas jackets should be spot cleaned only with a damp rag. You will not want to put them in a machine washer or dryer. If the jacket has a stain you can use a mild soap and cold water. Always let your canvas jacket air dry. 

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