Men's Brown Sweaters

Brown Sweaters for Men

Brown Sweaters for Men

Lands' End is the place to go when you are looking for the perfect men's brown sweater. Brown is a great color to pair with a variety of men's bottom pieces, and the collection offered at Lands' End features sweaters that range from deep, earthy brown to light camel brown. With so many sizes, styles, and shades of brown to choose from, why not add several to your wardrobe?

Nothing beats wearing a men's chocolate brown sweater in a turtleneck style made with soft Supima cotton to keep you toasty warm on a cool fall day. The sweater will look fabulous with a pair of dark brown men's pants made from soft corduroy.

Choose a brown cable knit cotton sweater when you are out for a fun weekend with your family or friends at the cabin by the lake. This style of sweater has a classic look when paired with men's jeans and sturdy boots.

If you are out fishing or hunting, a men's brown zipper sweater is the ideal piece to wear. Have the sweater fully zipped in the early morning hours when there is a chill in the air, and when the sun begins to warm you up, slide the zipper down to adjust your body temperature.

A black and brown men's sweater is great to wear for a more dressier occasion. The two colors complement each other perfectly, and the sweater looks very nice with a pair of tailored trousers and dark brown men's dress shoes in an Oxford style.

Shop Lands' End today and find the most gorgeous brown sweater for men. You'll love the quality of the sweaters and the fabric, whether luxurious cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia or soft Supima cotton from the Southwestern portion of the United States. Each sweater is carefully crafted to last for years. Our friendly customer service representatives are available to speak with you and answer questions about sizes, styles, or shipping options. Give us a call or chat with us through our website — we are always happy to speak with you!