Men's Blue Dress Shirts

Men's Navy Blue Shirt

Men's Navy Blue Shirt

A men's blue dress shirt is the equivalent of a woman's little black dress, a timeless garment that will help you look your best for any formal occasion. When you're searching for a sophisticated blue shirt, there's no better choice than Lands' End.

As a traditionally masculine color, blue commands authority and projects male energy. The right blue shirt can also be a great complement to your eyes! A light blue dress shirt makes an interesting alternative to a white shirt. A royal blue men's dress shirt is bold and unexpected. If you normally choose dark shirts, a navy blue dress shirt will feel right in your comfort zone. No matter what you choose, you'll appreciate your personalization service which lets you add your choice of initials or motifs to every shirt.

Think about balancing your outfit when you're coordinating your blue shirt. Pale tan or white dress pants help balance out the boldness of a navy blue shirt. Lighter shirts are a natural foil for darker dress pants in black, brown, or navy. Royal blue dress shirts are the ultimate all-rounders, working with virtually any neutral shade. Fashion rules suggest pairing your pants with a similar colored men's sportscoat, but if you have confidence, feel free to experiment a little with your look. While men’s dress pants are a classic choice, you can also dress your shirts down with men's jeans or men's chinos.

While they look great for business, our blue shirts are also made for comfort. We use soft materials such as Supima and broadcloth that feel heavenly against your skin. Adjustable cuffs give you just the right fit.

No matter who you are, you'll find the blue dress shirt you're looking for at Lands' End. Visit us for regular, tall, and big and tall men's blue dress shirts in a variety of sizes, shades, and cuts. Whether you love a slim-fit shirt, a tailored shirt, or a traditional relaxed fit, you'll find it in our dress shirt collection.