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Big and Tall Underwear

big and tall undershirts

Finding the perfect fit for your undergarments is easy with Lands' End's extended sizes men’s wear. We carry our commitment to comfort all the way through to your undershirts and underwear, so you can enjoy having the right measurements for any size frame. End the struggle to find long undershirts and larger undergarments with the perfectly sized pieces in our collection.

Our men's big and tall undershirts are crafted with your needs in mind. You can choose from a classic crew neck or stylish V-neck option to perfectly complement the rest of your outfit. Select big and tall undershirts are even available with monogramming. This touch of personalization adds a sophisticated slant to your wardrobe. Our men's undershirts in tall have added length in 2X, 3X, and 4X sizes. You can also select big sizes with a standard length to suit your personal needs.

If you're shopping for big and tall underwear, you can browse several styles available from Lands' End. We carry men's big and tall underwear in all your favorite styles. Lands' End offers classic briefs, comfortable boxer briefs, and perfectly-sized men's briefs so you can enjoy the cut you're most comfortable with. Select big men's underwear is available with monogramming as well for an extra personal touch.

While your outer garments are the ones that will show, your undergarments are just as important. These will determine how every other layer sits. Make sure your clothing is smooth, tailored, and attractive no matter what you're dressing for. From workwear to casual Saturdays, our big and tall undergarments can handle your needs.

As you're shopping your favorite Lands' End undergarments, you'll find that many of our top picks come in three packs, so you can stock up fast. Fill your drawers with the well-fitted go-to items that you'll wear every day. With our men's tall clothing you can always find exactly what you're after.