Men's Big and Tall Knit Tops and Tees

Big and Tall Knit Tops and Tees for Men

Big and Tall Knit Tops and Tees for Men

Knit tops and tees are cozy and versatile. Everybody needs at least one knit top in their closet to complete their wardrobe. If you are on the hunt for men's big and tall knit tops and tees, you can find one in your exact size when you shop with Lands' End.

Knit tees are remarkably comfortable, making them perfect for casual wear or layering. A knit T-shirt paired with some big and tall jeans is a classic and timeless outfit perfect for meeting up with friends or running errands.

If you need a more professional look, you can dress up these big and tall knit tops and tees by pairing them with a pair of shoes like big and tall chinos. With this simple combination, you're ready to go to a semi-casual business event or a family gathering. When you shop with Lands' End, you can find knit tops and tees constructed from 100% cotton. The collars and cuffs of these tops are made from rib-knit construction, which offers a stretch that adjusts to your body. These tops are also breathable and durable. They actively fight stains, fading, pilling, wrinkles, and shrinkage, extending their lifespan. For maximum levels of comfort and quality, consider pairing these knit tops and tees for big and tall men with a pair of men's big and tall elastic waist pants.

Shop by color with us to discover the countless options we have in store. We offer knit tops in neutral colors like black and gray. If you prefer earthy tones, we carry olive green, burgundy, and brown knit tops and tees. We even have bold colors like red and blue that you can pair with your favorite jeans or dress pants to show off your personal style.

Find big and tall knit tops and tees for men in your specific size when shopping with Lands' End. We carry sizes 2XL through 4XLT, so you can find something that helps you feel comfortable and confident anywhere you go.