Big and Tall Knit Pants

Big and Tall Comfy Lounge Pants

Big and Tall Comfy Lounge Pants

Looking for loungewear to upgrade your relaxation routine? You'll want to check out these men's big and tall comfy black knit pants from Lands' End. You're in the right place if you're searching for sweatpants to bring into your everyday rotation. Whether you're hanging out or going out, these sweatpants take your downtime to the next level. Our men's big and tall black knit pants have what it takes any time you want to relax.

In addition to our super comfy standard Serious Sweats, you'll find a range of designs perfectly suited to days when you need a little extra coziness. We offer both fleece and Sherpa-lined sweatpants that up the warmth factor even more. Why not stock up on a variety of styles, so you always have the perfect lounge pants ready to go? After all, the black color makes these sweatpants easy to mix and match with the rest of your casual clothing.

These men's big and tall black lounge pants are the ideal styles whenever it's time to hang out at home. Slide into your men's slippers after getting cozy in your lounge pants and a hoodie, then unwind after a long day at work or over the weekend. You can treat the kids to a movie marathon or gather some friends to watch the big game. You'll have endless possibilities with these comfortable sweatpants in your rotation.

Our sweatpants are great for workouts and casual outings as well. Wear yours for a run outdoors in chilly weather or to get comfy after an intense morning at the gym. You can also wear these sweatpants for laid-back days out and about. Pair with men's T-shirts or men's sweatshirts, depending on the weather, then look forward to the superior comfort our sweatpants provide.

You can count on that comfort no matter what you have planned on a given day. We craft our sweatpants from soft, durable materials that stand up to everyday wear while treating you to unparalleled comfort. 

You can always shop at Lands' End with total confidence. These sweatpants make that clear. They deliver the quality you depend on from all of your Lands' End clothing, so get ready to get comfortable on all of your casual days. Our big and tall sizes are designed to provide you with a great fit, too. Shop the collection of men's big and tall comfy black lounge pants today at Lands' End.