Big and Tall Jackets

Men's Big and Tall Jackets

Men's Big and Tall Jackets

Cool weather and your big and tall body are no problems when you shop at Lands' End. We'll help you stay warm and feel your comfortable, stylish best when the mercury drops with our practical collection of big and tall jackets.

Our men's big and tall jackets have longer bodies and sleeves than our regular jackets do, ensuring larger men get the full coverage they need to stay warm out in the elements. They also have a relaxed fit, so you can comfortably layer them over your favorite big and tall turtleneck and big and tall sweaters. Add some men's big and tall corduroy pants on the bottom for a casual and comfortable fall look.

Lands' End big tall jackets are made for spending time in the great outdoors. Many jacket styles are crafted from waterproof or water-resistant fabrics, so you can wear them when it's stormy or snowy out or near lakes and oceans. Their durable fabrics are also tough enough to survive regular machine washing. While these jackets are strong, they're also soft enough for comfortable all-day wear.

You'll love the practical features in all our big tall men's winter jackets. Front zippers help you keep the warmth close to your body. The pockets all have zippers too to keep your loose change, keys, and other essential items safe. When the winds pick up, you'll appreciate the protection our high collars provide.

We have big men's jackets in a selection of masculine colors to suit all tastes. Black, radiant navy, and evergreen are classic choices. But if you love bold colors, you'll appreciate the vibrancy of our cool cobalt and rich red jackets. These striking jackets look fun, but they could also save your life. If you're planning adventures in the wild, wearing a bright jacket will help you stand out to search parties should you get lost.

No matter what your size, you'll find the right outdoor jacket at Lands' End. Visit us for men's 2XL jackets, men's 3XL jackets, and 4XL jackets designed with real men in mind.