Mens Workout Shirts

Men's Activewear Shirts

Men's Activewear Shirts

For the active man, the right clothing is essential for performance and comfort when participating in all the activities you enjoy. Men's activewear tops from Lands' End are specially designed to meet those needs and let you look great doing it. Gym clothes for men should move with you, not bind or restrict in any way, and be easy to wash and wear again the next time.

Men's activewear shirts are called a performance tee for a reason. They're made of a synthetic polyester and spandex blend that's flexible and slides over your skin while you work out. The classic T-shirt styling means it fits well but is not tight. We have options in regular and tall mens shirts.

The performance feature is the shirt's moisture-wicking properties. When your body is trying to cool down during a hard workout, you need your clothing to assist rather than hinder that goal. Performance fabrics take the moisture from your skin and wick it out to the top of the shirt where it can more easily evaporate. The shirt stays dry and you don't suffer from that chilled clammy feeling that a sweat-soaked shirt can cause. Throw your men's workout shirts in the wash time and time again. They're built to last.

Being active doesn't just happen at the gym. Men's workout hoodies are a great warm layer as you go backpacking at chilly high altitudes, jog outside in the dead of winter, or stay warm after a swim. Whether you like a full zip front or a pullover style, Lands' End sweatshirts are made of quality fabric that's thick and substantial, with soft fleece on the inside for warmth and comfort. Paired with matching men’s sweatpants, you have an outfit made for relaxing in front of the football game all afternoon.

Lands' End line of activewear has a variety of shirts for when comfort is your top priority. Crew neck sweatshirts and essential T-shirts keep you comfortable on date night at the movies when paired with your favorite men’s jeans. Quality construction and good fit means that you look great even as you feel completely relaxed. Shop Lands' End for a complete outfit for any activity.