Twin Mattress Pads

Twin Mattress Covers & Protectors

Twin Mattress Covers & Protectors

Explore Lands' End to find a twin mattress pad that fits your bed and your needs. Our extensive collection of mattress pads for twin-sized beds come in a variety of fabrics and impressive features. Our cotton and Supima cotton covers are soft and breathable, and there are even organic options!

Mattress pads can serve many functions, so it's important that you choose one that satisfies your preferences and requirements. When you opt for one of our COOLMAX twin mattress pads, you're getting a cover that's perfect for those hot sleepers. These mattress pads use a combination of cotton and COOLMAX fibers, giving you a sateen cover that wicks moisture, keeping you cool throughout the night. 

While COOLMAX works to keep you cool, our Climarest covers strive to keep you comfortable in any weather. Climarest technology helps you regulate your temperature all night long by absorbing heat when you start to warm up, and then releasing it when you become cold. We also have reversible mattress covers in this collection, allowing you to customize your bedding and comfort depending on the season. On one side, you can enjoy cozy Sherpa fleece, perfect for those chilling winter nights, while the other side boasts a summer-friendly breathable quilted fabric.

If you have a little one around, getting a waterproof mattress cover for the twin bed is a must. Of course, a twin waterproof mattress cover comes in handy even if you just like to snuggle under the sheets and read with a cup of hot tea before bed. By investing in mattress protectors, you can keep your incredibly comfortable memory foam mattresses looking and smelling great for years to come.

Though having a great mattress and a soft set of bed sheets is key when creating a wonderful sleep experience, the importance of a great mattress pad can't be overlooked. When you choose the right cover, you can improve your sleep quality and protect your expensive mattress from any potential spills or messes. Then comes the fun part of choosing stylish comforters or quilts to set the tone for the room and match your decor. Shop Lands' End today to find the perfect comfortable and functional mattress pad for a twin bed!