Full Size Mattress Pads

Full Size Mattress Pads & Covers

Full Size Mattress Pads & Covers

Shop Lands' End to find a full-size mattress pad that fits your bed and your needs. We have an incredible collection that boasts mattress pads for full-size beds made with materials that provide a variety of impressive features. Our cotton and Supima cotton covers include organic options, and they are both breathable and soft to give you a sleep experience that is, well, dreamy.

Mattress covers are useful for so many reasons, making it easy to find one that is perfect for your individual needs and preferences. One of the main advantages of having mattress protectors is that they help ensure that your comfortable mattress last for years to come. A waterproof full-sized mattress pad is a great way to protect your wonderful and expensive mattress from spills and stains. We even have a waterproof cover that completely encases the mattress, giving you 360-degree protection. 

When you purchase a reversible mattress pad in full size, you're able to customize your comfort level depending on the season. On one side, there is soft Sherpa fleece to keep you warm during frigid winter nights, while the other side features breathable quilted fabric to keep you cool when things start to heat up. Combine with one of our warm and stylish comforters and get ready for a truly restful nights' sleep!

If you tend to get hot throughout the night, our COOLMAX mattress pads are a great way to stay cool. These covers are made of a mixture of cotton and COOLMAX fibers, creating a sateen cover that actively wicks moisture away from your body. For those looking for something a little more versatile to keep you comfortable in every season, you'll love our Climarest covers. The technology used in these covers helps you maintain a comfortable temperature by absorbing your heat and storing it. Then, when you start to get cold, it releases the heat to help you warm up.

Owning the perfect mattress and a great set of bed sheets is important when creating a quality sleep environment, but having a comfortable and functional mattress pad is a vital part of the equation as well. Explore the incredible selection of full-size mattress pads at Lands' End today to find a cover that fits your bed, preferences, and needs.