Linen Printed Pillow Cases

Personalized Linen Pillow Cases

Personalized Linen Pillow Cases

If you prefer linen sheets for their old-world elegance, check out our array of luxurious linen pillow cases for the extra pillow cases you need. Like almost all bedding at Lands’ End, our white linen pillow cases (and every other color!) are eligible for monogramming. You can enjoy personalized linen pillow cases that perfectly match your linen sheets, or complement your existing bedding.

When shopping for linen bedding, remember linen offers superior breathability and durability. You will have sheets and pillowcases that provide a fresh, airy feel to your bed and will stand up to repeated laundering, mellowing and getting better and better over time. Linen sheets can represent an investment in your home, but one that is well worth it. When you purchase additional linen pillow cases luxury covers all the pillows on your bed, so there needn’t be a particular favorite.

Complement the bedding you already have with new personalized linen pillow cases. Almost all of our bed sheets and comforters mix well with extra pillows dressed in soft neutrals or contrasting prints, and our white linen pillow cases or grey linen pillow cases are good extras to have in your linen closet. We offer a variety of colors and prints in our linen pillow cases, and are sure to have something just right for your bedroom décor.

Build the cool, luxurious nest of your dreams with linen bedding and personalized linen pillow cases from Lands’ End. Extra pillows covered in mellow, comfortable linen pillow cases will transform your bed from a place to sleep into a place to dream.