Laundry Hampers

Hampers & Canvas Laundry Bags

Hampers & Canvas Laundry Bags

You'll find a laundry organizer to simplify your daily routine in this Lands' End collection. Whether you're searching for a tall laundry basket, an easy-to-carry hamper, or a lidded laundry basket, we have everything you need in our selection.

You can't go wrong with the canvas laundry bags and baskets you'll find here at Lands' End. Our canvas designs are constructed from sturdy cotton that gets the job done. Choose a hamper or a duffle to suit your needs. Either way, you'll have a laundry container that's strong enough to transport piles of laundry to the washing machine ⁠— and stylish enough to take its place in your bedroom or laundry room.

We also feature chic seagrass laundry hampers and baskets to elevate your decor. These sophisticated laundry bins take any room to the next level with elegant, natural materials. Metal frames make these options super sturdy, while removable cloth liners make it easy to clean the part that holds your clothes. If you want an easy way to accentuate your room, all while making organizing your laundry a breeze, you'll find it in our selection of seagrass designs.

No matter which basket you choose, you've found the perfect solution for storing dirty laundry in any bedroom of your home. These clothes baskets make the ideal place for kids to toss kids' T-shirts, pants, and more. You need somewhere to keep your dirty clothes out of the way, too, so grab a new hamper from this collection. They're great for comfy jeans, tees, and beyond. And when it's time to carry a full basket to the laundry room, our practical and durable designs make this part stress-free.

You can even set up one of these baskets in your laundry room when you're looking for an easy way to organize the whole family's laundry in one place. These baskets make the perfect laundry room storage! They're ready for anything, from bath towels to bedsheets to clothing.

You can shop with complete confidence at Lands' End whenever you need smart storage for your home. These bins and baskets are no exception. Shop Lands' End for your laundry baskets today.