Laundry Duffles

Laundry Canvas Bags

Laundry Canvas Bags

If you're searching for a quick and easy way to get your laundry organized, you've come to the right place. A laundry duffle bag from this Lands' End collection will simplify the process of collecting and carrying laundry. Our laundry duffle styles look great, too, so you can put them in any room! It will be easy to throw dirty clothes together without an extra thought when you have one of these canvas bags in every bedroom.

Choose a canvas duffle with red or khaki accents to complement your room's style, or you could go with a simple natural look. You can also personalize your bag with a monogram, so if you need to tote your laundry around, you'll never lose your bag.

These bags make it easy to carry laundry, too! We know the struggle of lugging around heavy, bulky containers filled with laundry when you need to get stuff to the washing machine. A canvas laundry bag from this collection simplifies the process. Just toss a full bag over your shoulder and you're ready to go!

You can use these bags to carry clothing, bath towels, and more. Whatever needs to get to the washer, you're ready for it with a canvas duffle. 

Our stylish designs won't take away from your other decor, either. These canvas designs are ready when you need the right place to toss your jeans, tunics, and more after wearing them. Stylish design that simplifies your daily routine? We bring that to you with our practical Lands' End products!

You can't go wrong with a canvas laundry tote in your child's bedroom when you're looking to inspire your kid to keep things tidy. Gone are the days of walking into their room to find tons of T-shirts and pajamas strewn all around the floor. When it's time to get everything to the washing machine, you've made that process easier, too!

Lands' End makes it easy to shop with confidence for your home. You'll see why with these laundry solutions. Our canvas bags take the guesswork out of getting organized. Shop for your canvas laundry bag today at Lands' End!