High School & College Backpacks

Backpacks for Teens, High School Backpacks

Backpacks for Teens, High School Backpacks

A high-quality backpack is a must for any high school or college student. It needs to be strong enough to carry their textbooks and folders, comfortable enough to wear with all that weight, and stylish enough to satisfy these fashion-conscious individuals. For a backpack that ticks all the boxes, choose one of the backpacks for teens and 20-somethings at Lands' End.

Our college and high school backpacks are made to last from hardy materials including canvas and 100% polyester. These fabrics resist wear and can be easily spot cleaned to help them look fresh. Our backpacks for college also have high-quality zippers. Many even have reinforced bases. All these features make our backpacks so resilient that many students use them as travel bags after graduation. For an extra bonus, grab a personalized backpack as a gift to send them off to college with. Personalize it with their name, favorite emoji, or major!

Higher education requires serious multitasking, but our backpacks for college students and high-schoolers have all the features they need for a competitive edge. The main compartments have enough space for books and pencil pouches, while the internal and external pockets can keep smaller items like coin pouches and car keys organized. Many of our college backpacks for women and men even have padded, soft-lined sections for laptops and smartphones. The straps are also padded and adjustable for the perfect fit, every time.

Carrying a plain-colored backpack for a high school boy that matches his boy’s school uniform is the ideal way to show some school spirit. Tie-dye and ikat patterned girl backpacks for high school are popular with many young ladies. All our bookbags for college and high school can also be personalized with embroidered letters and graphics.

Our high school and college backpacks are available in large and extra-large sizes, ensuring teens and college students have the space they need without feeling weighed down. Teens measuring at least 4 feet, 6 inches should manage well with one of our extra-large college bags, while shorter students will feel more comfortable with one of our large bookbags for teens. Browse the Lands' End collection to find the right sized backpack for your needs.