High School and College Backpacks

High School Backpacks

High School Backpacks

You might not think you need college backpacks or high school backpacks this year, but you do! Getting ready for school looks different this year, but something we can do to make this difficult moment as normal and joyful as possible is to help our older students select backpacks for school—online school. Whether you’re looking for backpacks for college or backpacks for teens, we offer a variety ready for the heaviest of textbooks. 

As we consider plans to help students achieve with virtual learning, adhering to back-to-school traditions might make this unusual circumstance easier. High school backpacks and college backpacks are at the center of a great back-to-school plan. Fresh school supplies and backpacks for teens are markers of a new school year and are no less important with virtual learning. Sticking to your family’s usual back-to-school preparations will make learning from home seem more official. Lands’ End backpacks for college students and high school students offer pouches designed for their cell phones and laptops, which makes them perfect for transitioning online to hybrid to in-person classes. Or you can shop for a specially designed tech bag!

A backpack or laptop backpack is ideal for staying organized. Keeping it working just as it would (or should) in a traditional setting will make every day easier. Your student can easily move from working at the kitchen table to their bedroom desk because their materials will have a proper place in the roomy pouches of their bookbags for teens or laptop backpack. We’ve noticed that older students tend to choose solid colors, so for a bit of self-expression, our backpacks can be personalized with a name or initials, a colorful icon or even a school logo.

Whether you’re looking for a cool backpack for your teen, or a serious bag for a practically grown-up chemistry major, we have the just-right options to meet their needs and taste. With large and extra-large high school and college bags and rolling backpacks available in a wide array of colors and styles, getting your young adult excited about this new, different kind of school year with a backpack or tech bag as unique as they are will help everything feel a bit more like business as usual. Browse our backpacks for teens today!