Lands' End X Rowing Blazers Collection

Rowing Blazers X Lands' End Rugby Shirts

Rowing Blazers X Lands' End Rugby Shirts

The Lands’ End Rowing Blazers collection brings us back to when Lands’ End designed the official jerseys for the USA Eagles rugby team in the late ‘80s. Ever since then the rugby shirt has been an iconic part of American wardrobes and represents the true heritage of our company. With the help of Rowing Blazers, we were able to preserve our past and bring these authentic 90s outfits back to you.


Rowing Blazers was established in 2017 and is known for their blazers, ties, and American-made rugby shirts. With their help, we were able to create a tough, high-quality rugby shirt that is entirely made in the USA. The shirts are woven, cut and sewn in Oregon and has yarn from North Carolina. The material is tear-proof and has rubber buttons to truly represent the rugby shirt made for the Eagles.

What Does the Collection Include?

This timeless collection has colorful rugby shirts to solid, bright duffel bags for you to help you channel your 1990s fashion. It even has options for different colored fanny packs so that you rock your 90s fashion mens rugby shirt while accessorizing your outfit with either a red or navy pack. Women can channel their 90s fashion women wardrobes with our shirts and accessories too!


To channel your true inner 90s look, pick our rugby polo shirt, and you won’t be disappointed. The high-quality material is made to withstand battles on the rugby field while being lightweight and breathable. You don’t have to worry about the material shrinking because it already comes prewashed. It even comes in 90s style vibrant colors, such as yellow, red, blue, and green. Pair this rugby shirt with your favorite chino pants on the weekends for a casual look. You can even wear it out on the practice field because it’s made like the old- roomy, boxy, durable, and comfortable.


When you’re on your way out the door for your rugby game, also known as a day at the office, having a gym bag is essential. That is exactly the reason why this collection offers our beloved seagoing duffle bag. This bag is just as tough as our 90s fashion rugby shirts. You could even use this duffle bag for a weekend away, or it makes for a great carry on to whatever new journey you may embark on. Not to mention, you can even make it match your new rugby shirt.


To really bring you back to the 90s fashion, check out our seagoing backpack to get an inspired vintage style backpack. This is perfect for you whether you are in school, or prefer a backpack to carry your gym clothes in. This backpack is made spacy to make room for your gear and offers a snap hook for a place to keep your keys. This backpack is made from durable Cordura fabric that fights tears, scuffs and abrasions.


The seagoing fanny pack is essential for a small bag that can make sight-seeing or sea-going fashionable. Pair your fanny pack with any outfit; you will have others complimenting your nautical style look.


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This collection will make the now-vintage nautical look come back to life with our rugby shirts and bags alike. Choose from our wide selection of colors, and you will truly channel your 90s clothes and reminisce on the days that seem far in the past. With the tough material made entirely in America, you can face a day on the practice field, or a weekend spent running around with the kids. Shop our Lands’ End Rowing Blazers Collection today!