Lands’ End Peanuts Collection

Snoopy Pajamas & Snoopy Gifts

Snoopy Pajamas & Snoopy Gifts

Kids love everything about the animated characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and others from the Peanuts comic series, television shows, and movies. When you are looking for Snoopy merchandise to give to your kids, know that Lands' End has everything you need to make them smile. From PJs to blankets, we have plenty of fun Snoopy and Peanuts-related items to keep everybody happy.

On a chilly evening, have your little one snuggle up with Snoopy pajamas from our online Snoopy store. Invite their friends over for a slumber party and have the other kids wear Peanuts pajamas. Complete the themed party by wrapping everyone up with a Charlie Brown blanket, or they can sleep in sleeping bags with different Peanuts characters appliques.

When your little boy is going outside to play with his friends, have him wear a Peanuts shirt with a pair of boys' jeans. All his little buddies will want cute Peanuts T-shirts as well.

Christmas and birthdays are a great time to give out Snoopy gifts. Little girls will love any girls items that have a Peanuts character on it, and boys will have fun wearing the various T-shirts with boys' shorts throughout the summer. Of course, you will need a place to store all of your kids Peanuts clothing, so be sure to have plenty of storage baskets and organizers.

Shop the Lands' End Peanuts store today to find all of the Peanuts merchandise and Snoopy clothing you are dreaming of. You'll love how adorable and creative the items are, and you'll want to have all of the pieces to add to your kids' Peanuts collection.

Give our friendly customer service team a call with any questions you have about the sizes or designs of our merchandise. You can also chat with us through our website, and we can easily share with you our shipping and gift-box options. At Lands' End, we look forward to speaking with you soon!