Kids' Middle School Backpacks

Middle School Backpacks for Kids

Middle School Backpacks for Kids

Middle School Backpacks

If your child has outgrown their elementary school backpack or simply wants to start fresh in junior high, look no further than Lands' End. We have a colorful collection of kids' middle school backpacks with all the practical features that moms and dads demand.

Our back to school kids' backpacks for middle school have generous main compartments with all the space they need for ring binders, pencil pouches, and their lunch box. There's even a zippered compartment for holding their coin purse when you treat them to a cafeteria meal. The mesh pockets on the sides are ideal for keeping damp drink bottles and juice boxes away from their books.

Middle school students need much more than elementary kids, but our middle school backpacks for kids are up to the challenge. We use sturdy materials including canvas and polyester, which can easily withstand the weight of their school supplies and any punishment they dish out. The fabrics are made tough, yet they're surprisingly soft on the shoulders and lightweight.

We think we make the best kids' backpacks for middle schoolers because we understand what junior high schoolers like. We have several plain colored backpacks and book bags with classic prints, including stripes, spots, and tie-dye patterns. We also understand that no one knows your kid quite like you do. That's why we have an optional personalization service. With a monogram, embroidered name, or a cute stitched graphic, you can transform their backpack into a treasured keepsake that's custom made just for them.

Our large and extra-large kids' backpack size for middle school are perfect for junior high, but large enough to help them make the transition into high school and even college. If you're not sure what kids' middle school backpack size is best for your child, use our product images with real child models as a guide. For a kids' middle school backpack made to stand the test of time, shop at Lands' End.