Kids' Adaptive School Uniforms

Adaptive School Uniforms for Kids

Adaptive School Uniforms for Kids

Lands' End School Uniforms has launched its Adaptive Clothing for Kids Collection, an inclusive line of adaptive clothing designed for easy dressing. Kids Adaptive Clothing shirts, tops, shorts, and pants look just like the best sellers, but with new innovative features such as rip and grip closures and sensory friendly seams.

Adaptive Clothing School Uniform line for kids will make yours, and your child's life so much easier.

All the pieces in the line resemble Lands’ End School Uniforms, but instead of button closures, the tops and bottoms have magnetic closures made with MagnaReady technology and rip & grip closures. In addition, to make each item as sensory friendly as possible, all pieces have either heat transfer or satin tags plus smooth, clean-finished seams and waistbands to eliminate potential irritants. Getting a dress shirt on & off has never been easier, thanks to magnetic closures in place of buttons (even on the cuffs!) on our new Adaptive Clothing Oxford Dress Shirt.

Features of adaptive clothing for kids

  • Rip & grip closures for easy on & off.
  • Easier to manage fasteners
  • Non-functional buttons at center-front placket and sleeve cuffs, with magnetic closures underneath for easy on & off
  • No more pulling your school uniform polo shirt off over your head, full placket has magnetic closures underneath for easy on & off
  • Tags with heat transfer or satin tags, comfortable fabrics for sensory issues

Most parents can relate: it's the first day of school and the entire family is running late because one of their kids doesn't like how their shirt fits. It's not uncommon; 35 percent of parents said in a Lands' End survey that their kids are "picky" about the way their clothing fits. The good news is that parents will find relief in the Lands' End School Uniforms in Adaptive Clothing for Kids Collection, designed for every kid to fit in.